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  • Online Craps - 1, 0 meet 7 & 11

    Oh my what a nice couple.

    Well it took some time, (relative to slots and blackjack that is) but craps has met the net, and I have to admit, it doesn't look half bad. Maybe I was a skeptic, as I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the third dimension, but I've had a lot more fun playing online than I expected to. Mind you there are still some downfalls, but I've also discovered some truly unique and excellent upsides.

    The first benefit to the sudden availability of online craps games goes to the novice gambler. Online craps games give the novice something they have never had before, a chance to properly learn craps in private. Before, you either had to go to a casino with a friend and try to learn while a live game was going on (yikes!), or sign up for a casino lesson. While the lessons are free, and most casinos try to create a relaxing atmosphere, there are still a million more people who would prefer to be able to take on the task independently.

    The simple fact of the matter is craps holds a host of bets with strange odds, all of which are bad for the player, and can certainly leave the novice's head spinning. Consequently, an hour lesson at a craps table is good, but not always enough to allow you to retain what you learn. A good book on the subject has always been a decent companion, but until recently you couldn't play out any of the concepts without hitting the road and laying down some bones. Enter online craps, a chance to make stupid bets without having to deal with a single raised eyebrow. Better still, the net is full of free, well-researched information so there's no need to invest in expensive strategy books.

    Of course so far we have only considered the impact of the free online craps game you find on the net, and haven't considered the real deal. Two or three years ago online gambling became a reality as the first e-commerce enabled betting sites began to take wagers. Secure fund transfers have always been a big consideration for potential players, and from the online casino's perspective, game security was priority number 1. Once the technology behind both of these nerve inducers had been fairly standardized and acceptable, the industry, and online craps, began to really take off. As with any area of business capable of producing profits, money was put into the front end. The result for you and me are incredibly realistic online craps games, with graphics, sounds, proper game-play, and even some multiplayer abilities!

    The amount of ground covered in a short couple of years is quite staggering, and its affects are widespread. The land based casino industry was just beginning to consider what profits it might be losing to this new virtual competitor, when a large downfall to its industry occurred with the tragedy on September 11th, 2001. The aftermath of which left Las Vegas as barren as it's desert surroundings, and profits at an all time low. But what's scary for the land-based industry is security and comfort to us, the players. The option to gamble from our own home instead of boarding an airplane and heading to Vegas, is simply much more attractive these days. So as we work towards a safer sky, online craps offers a timely alternative.

    As for playing real online craps, should you do it any differently than regular craps? Generally I have to answer no, play it as the same game. The only reason I would have to hesitate stems from the fact that the major casino software producers for the online casino industry actually don't always follow the rules strictly in their game design. In craps the player should be allowed to lay odds relative to the amount they can win. If the casino normally allows 2x odds and the point is a 4, the player should be able to lay 4 times the don't pass bet on the odds. Taking odds on the 4 pays 1 to 2, for winnings of 2x the don't pass bet. Craps StrategyAccording to Michael Shackleford, the only major software brand to get this rule correct is Unified Gaming. You can read the rest of his article on online craps play here. Don't be discouraged though, there are no major rule violations, and the house advantage is still under scrutiny by the online craps proprietor's gaming commission.

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