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  • Pass Line Bet With Odds

    Placing odds on your pass line bet is easy and intelligent. It is bar none the best bet on the craps table, and the more money you put into the odds the lower the house edge (it can drop as low as 0.18% on 100x odds, which aren't commonly available). To place odds on your pass line bet, you must first wait until a point number is set. Then you simply take some chips and put them half off half on the pass line, just beneath your pass line bet. Craps StrategyThis is called backing your bet, or playing the free odds. Do not pass by this bet thinking you don't need to know it. Yes it's true, there are tons of bets to choose from on the table, but most of them carry a very high house edge and are not played by smart players (high rollers are definitely not always smart players).

    See the Pass Line Bet demonstrated here.

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