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  • The Come Bet

    The come bet is certainly easy to find on the board, with a major portion of the felt at the center of each end being dedicated to it. With the word C O M E spelled across it, it's hard to miss. The come bet essentially allows you to make a 'virtual' pass line bet even after a point has been established. The come bet makes the next roll of the dice into a come-out roll specifically for the person making the come bet. So now the individual making the come bet has their own little round going. So just think of it like this, when you place a come bet the next roll of the dice will affect your come bet the same as if it were a come-out roll for a pass line bet. The same rules apply to both the pass and come bet. If Craps Strategya point is rolled (the players personal point) the come bet is moved to the point box of the specific number rolled. This will be resolved just like a pass line point number, if the point is rolled first the come bet wins, if 7 is rolled first the come bet loses.

    See the Come Bet demonstrated here.

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